The Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangouse Game As Rainsford awoke the next day he half expected to wake up in his own bed. Instead he found himself still in the Luxurious mansion.

While he tried to figure out how to get back home he fixed himself some breakfast. When he finished it occured to him that the mansion and the island that it rested on were both his! Now he could do anything he wanted with it.

Many thoughts went though his head however, with a new outlook on hunting he decided to make it a wild life reservation center. He would pay to have endagered species brought to his island. Here they could live in a natural habitat and not have to worry about hunters. He would use the servants as care takers of the animals, they would feed, water, bathe, and take care of the animals when they were sick or injured.

Rainsford would have atleast two of these endangered species delivered to his island. His first group of animals, four bengal tigers, arrived about three weeks later. He kept adding on untill he had over thirty different species of animals. Among these many animals were: seven different types of monkeys, two different kinds of tigers and elephants, and a set of manitees which he kept of the cost of the island in a fenced in area. The island is one of the biggest reservation areas today. They have recently renamed the island The Rainsford Animal Shelter in his memory.

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