Monologue: Life is hard, Death is hard

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Sister let me tell you about life

I am woman we are free and strong

I walk freely down the street until those men stop me

Mama says they are Ignorant

I think they are Ignorant and Scary

Scary, Ignorant with the musky reminiscent smell of their beer chugging Sunday afternoon

They tugged at my Veil, you see

I ran and it came off

I was ashamed and I cried so hard it felt as if the world shook.

I felt it building up in my body

The rage towards those stupid drunkards

I turned around and ran at them

It didn't take much to knock one down

They were stumbling over their shoelaces as it was

I prayed Allah would forgive me for my violence

I felt empowered

They didn't even try to chase me, Lana

I got my veil from one of their drink pink hands

"Don't mess with us you hear?" I said

You see sister we can do anything

Don't let anyone walk over you

Go to sleep now Lana.

I can't tell my sister the truth.

I just have to continue scrubbing my violated skin.

Death is Easy. Life is Hard

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