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Monologue "My blood hath been too cold and temperate"¦" This is how the third scene of act one starts. It's king Henry who says it. He is with Northumberland, Worcester, Hotspur and Sir Walter Blunt. The king is furious because Hotspur didn't give him the prisoners after defeating Earl of Douglas. He is disappointed because he has lost the respect he deserves by being a King. He was already has been disappointed because his son Hal has been hanging around the tavern with drunks and thieves and his reputation is being ruined. In the scene one he was wishing that Hotspur were his son, which shows that he is pretty desperate and angry about his son's behavior and character.

He starts by saying that he has been calm about things up to now and that he overlooked all the disrespect and indignities that he got all this time.

He continues by saying that they walked on his patience. He then says that it's enough and that he will be a true king who will be feared and respected by all and they will no longer be able to defy his orders.

This monologue shows what a person does when they finally decide that enough is enough. The king has civil wars tearing apart his country, his son is in a tavern drinking with drunks and his officers are defying his orders. All this usually makes a person go mad of anger, disappointment and stress but the king finally decides to take action

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