Modernizing Ornina Resort Using Internet Applications

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The internet has evolved through the last four decades to be the most efficient global network. Developing from a baby local one consisting of several primitive computers to a giant international network connecting millions of computers worldwide, the internet is truly an outstanding technology that every business should make use of. With the prospect of having an ever growing number of users at an exponential rate, it has proved to be the ultimate reason for the success of countless companies and businesses worldwide.

As the internet shifted from being used for military and defense purposes to a whole new world in its own right, where you could always find something for every taste, its services and applications ranging from the World Wide Web, e-mail, chatting rooms and discussion forums to e-publications (the ever growing list goes on) represents a unique advantage that American companies had first considered in the nineties nothing but a useful chance to ease the burdens of internal and external communications encountered using the old bureaucratic systems when dealing with customers, other businesses, and governments.

Moreover, the Internet also serves as a powerful and efficient means for advertising and promoting different goods and services provided by corporations and nationalities as diverse as our immense world.

2- The Internet requirements:

With this new adoption of the Ornina's strategy, there are a lot of points that the Ornina must put it in their considerations while it's studying the possibility for making use of the Internet technology which is considered to be the best solution to reach the aimed results.

1- The main thing is how to get an Internet access that will provide our Internet communications?

2.1- Communications:

As for the situation here in Syria, we have the SCS as the best Internet provider (ISP) in Syria [1],

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