Modeling anModeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) d Computer Sirizons to

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Modeling anModeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) d Computer Sirizons to a growing teenage generation.

When ¡°Get a Life¡± was written in 1995, the Internet was still new to most of the teenage generation and all that people saw were the positive effects that the Internet has changed. It is no longer just a haven for learning and acquiring knowledge; it has become an escape for many people. Today¡¯s Internet is a much more open and insecure community than what it was in 1995. Teens now have access to everything from baking recipes to bomb making recipes. Most of the Internet is uncontrolled and that has allowed people to introduce websites related to things like bomb making and illegal drug use. And although many of those sights are being shut down, one area that is very prominent and unfortunately legal is Internet pornography. It has swept across the net and has caused great concern among the public; but many organizations are working to change it.

The public must also realize that with the bad comes the good. Today, kids can take virtual tours of European cities or play a game of chess with someone half way around the world. The technology found in the Internet today gives people access to things that maybe only two years prior, you would have to see in person. Kids can now experience all the things they have been missing and have been wanting to see.

The Internet is an ever-changing environment and will continue to expand. Although it has its dark sides, the Internet is still a safe place to turn to, and the good, by far, outweighs the bad. We can only mulation (TOMACS)

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