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MAYCOMB COUNTY ~ 16 SEPTEMBER 1935 ~ BRINGING IT TO YOU FIRST RABID DOG ON THE LOOSE BRIAN SUNDERLAND Yesterday, February 15th, outside the Finch's residence on the main road, a rabid dog was on the loose and threatening to charge at anyone it saw. The dog was spotted be Jem and Scout whilst playing in the bush. Atticus (their father) hesitated at first but with great courage and skill shot the dog with a single shot.

Mr. Johnson (the owner of the dog), was at work during the incident. He was dearly upset about the loss of his dog, but said that it had to be done before someone got hurt. Mr. Johnson also said that he had no idea of how the dog got the disease, as he thought that the dog was in good health.

Atticus said that he was hesitant because he had not shot a gun for 30 years.

He also said that he felt a bit guilty because he killed the dog. He believes that you don't need a gun to show courage, and didn't want his children to see him shoot the dog.

Jem said that she was very proud of her father. Scout said, "I was very surprised that my father could shoot a gun, because I have never seen him do that before. I am very proud of him as well".

The rabid dog had to stay where it was from until the rubbish collector came. It was still dangerous to go near the dead animal.

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