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Drinking Stereotypes Revealed Feature: Over-consumer, fruit machine junkie, or shot-lover? Which drinker are you? New research from alcoholic shooter manufactures, Aftershock, and student researchers 2CV gives a new insight into student drinking habits. Each of us has our own personality which impacts upon the group dynamic of a night out - or something. So which type are you? The Shot Sophisticate is the leader of the shot drinking, leading the countdown and suggesting new games. An experimental drinker, ironically the SS can't handle booze very well. Can be heard saying: 'Let's get the shots in' and 'I was fine until I had that kebab.' If you're usually the last one to finish drinking, always have one drink left on the table, and find yourself buying pints you can't finish - you're the Catch-Up Kid. Favourite lines include: 'I'm feeling a bit bloated' and 'I started drinking before you'.

Spot the Ritualistic Blagger easily by looking out for someone who blags drinks and cigarettes, finishes off everyone else's dregs and says things like: 'I'm expecting a cheque to come, it should have been here yesterday' or 'Could you spare me a fag please?'.

Look across the pub, and you'll see the Fruit Machine Junkie, playing, as always, on the fruit machine. Often heard saying: 'It's got to pay out soon' or 'This machine's rigged.' Or are you a Lecture Leper? Do you hear yourself saying 'Just one more for the road', or 'Don't go home yet, it's only early'? Is drinking your main reason for being at university? Mother Hens are the organisers, keeping the groups together, and looking after those unfortunate to be ill or sick (see Shot Sophisticate). Favourite sayings are: 'We need to get going' and 'Hold on a minute, we've lost Dave'.

Keeping the conversation going is the Storyteller. Always relied on to fill any uncomfortable silences, and can also recall all embarrassing moments of other. Favourite lines are: 'When I was in Thailand…' and 'Can you remember when Sarah was sick all over that bloke?'.

And of course, where would we all be without a Calamity Jane/Joe ('I think I've just lost my mobile, can someone just phone it?'), Charmer ('How's my favourite girl tonight?'), Troublemaker ('It'll look great in our lounge'), or Social Butterfly ('Oh, look, there's Matt, Charlie and Ben').

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