A Midsummernights Dream True Love Doesn't Run Smoothly, but Mischief And Mayhem Give Way To Happiness.

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In the play a midsummer nights dream, true love does not run smoothly, yet mischief and mayhem give way to happiness. All the characters in the play that had feelings for someone ended up with that person, except for Demetrius, but during the play something wrong happens in all the relationships. Either Puck putting spells on people to make him or her love someone, or fathers not letting them get married, or even telling someone the truth. Something in the end triggered the relationships to go well and run smoothly, like putting spells on people, forgiveness, and also fathers acceptance. All this makes up the play a Midsummer nights dream and gives it some action in the play.

The two couples Lysander and Hermia are in love from the start but as love doesn't run smoothly Hermia is expected to marry Demetrius by her father, Egeus and Hermia isn't happy about it (O hell! to choose love by another's eyes.

I.i. 141). She has two choices in her life she marries and dies when she's old or go to a nunnery and live there for her whole life. In her decisions Lysander tries to convince that he is worthy enough to be Hermia's husband. Hermia and Lysander make plans to run away as they are in love and it will be legal in another area (I.i.129-226). When Lysander is in the Enchantered forest he falls asleep and gets put under a spell by Puck to fix the problem and falls in love with Helena but doesn't work out as Hermia is bewildered by Lysander's actions and is confused and sad. Puck then removes the spell on Lysander, and Hermia becomes in love again with Lysander and Egeus lets them get married. The end works out to be happy and...

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