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Strategies For Student Success Mid Term Project 2) One of the discrepancies was that I actually had more self improvement time that actually increased during the one week period. I think that this is a very important step in going forward into life with a bigger self-improvement. I intend to develop this positive towards self-improvement to have a more positive attitude towards life.

An other discrepancy between what I planed and what I actually accomplished was that I planed to exercise more, but I actually did less exercise. This I consider to be a big drawback for my health and I intend to exercise more per day so I can be healthy.

The third discrepancy I discovered, was in my homework preparation. I realize right now that this is the most important step towards a success in the future. Without homework I cannot get good marks and I will only suffer from it.

This discovery was for me a very sad one, and I intend to emphasize more on homework and less on useless things.

An other discovery that shocked me was that I had actually a lot of free time. Free time is OK if it is used wisely. On the other side, I abused free time by watching too much TV, a lot of time spent on the computer and forgot about the more important things. I intend to cut off a lot of my free time and to concentrate more on things that matter.

The fifth observation I made was, that I actually sleep to much on the weekend and this is an impediment in trying to achieve my goals. The weekend is the best time from the week to review and to study and I plan to sleep eight hours and to wake up earlier and study more.

3) The area I choose is STUDY 1. Less time spent on TV and computer 2. Less time socializing 3. Less time spent on House work 4. Plan the amount of time to be spent on one subject.

5. Less traveling around town.

6. Study more efficiently.

7. Work less and study more 8. Sleep less, so I could have more time dedicated to learning 9. Ignore any distractions from outside 10. Ask other people for help if I don't know how to get further with a problem instead of loosing time and not being efficient.

4) One of the guidelines from the section "Strategies for Scheduling", that does not apply to me, is to study two hours for every hour in class. This does not work, because if on a specific day, the teacher did not come to class and next period there is a test, this means that I should not study at all because we didn't do anything that day. I consider this idea wrong because for one subject I might have nothing to study even though I had two hours of class and for a one hour class I might have to study five hours. One of the best methods of studying would be to devote for each subject the time required to cover the specific material. By doing this I think that I can be successful. Studying after a schedule is OK as long as it provides me with enough time to cover the whole material asked to be learned.

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