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"When I was pushed down and was left to rot in the dirt, I couldn't stop my desire to be the best. When all else fails you try something else and if that doesn't pay off keep on trying." With the World Wrestling Federation at its peak of popularity, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend," Mick Foley brought the world a new idea into the world of tables and ladders in Have a Nice Day. Written by Mick Foley himself, the book describes the hardships and punishments that he has had to endure in order to prove himself to be the best he could be. Foley realized in his life that there was only one trait that stood out when he was forced to take his path in life, persistence. Only a few people possess the desire to get the best out of themselves, and Foley shows that he amplifies persistence.

In September of 94, Foley was wrestling in the IJPW (Indy Japan Pro Wrestling) and he didn't show the Booking team that he had great talent in the ring. Whenever Foley would try to fake some moves, he would mess up and almost hurt himself. Foley sat down with his trainer and demanded that he work more hours to improve his training. Foley worked day in a day out, and he soon learned the moves and was the Main Event at his shows. He soon became an idol in professional wrestling, and moved his career to the W.C.W (World Championship Wrestling). As Foley made his way to WCW under the disguise of Cactus Jack, he was immediately put at the bottom of the roster, was given minimum air time, and was ridiculed for his style of wrestling. This didn't stop Mr. Cactus Jack as he soon stood up to his peers and fought for airtime. Just as Foley was about to make his big break, he suffered a huge tear in his ACL and was sidelined.

July of 96, after Foley was about to be cleared for wrestling, the WCW gave him the red ticket and booted him out. Until this very day there is no love lost between the W.C.W and Mick Foley. Foley was thinking his career was over, and was called by the man himself, Vince McMahon. Immediately, Foley was introduced as "Mankind" and was set up in a feud with one of the WWF's tops guys, The Undertaker. Foley using his persistence that was given to him by God himself advanced in this federation and soon became the WWF champion. " If I was dreaming I would have kicked myself where it hurts just to wake up, oh its great to be alive. Winning the most prestigious trophy in all the world, and showing it off, haha".

Foley pushed himself day in and day out. I admire that trait, and it seems that I am developing it in a way that people can see. When I'm on the soccer field, or on the wrestling mat, I don't give, I fight back and show a radiant red, to tell people that I'm serious and I mean business. I, too, would like to become a Pro-Wrestler after I finish college, and if people put me down and tell me that I won't make it, well they have another thing coming. I try my best, just like Foley does, and if that is not enough for one to see, then I don't know what else to do because what Foley amplifies is what some people are willing to do succeed. They stop you but you keep on coming and pretty soon, I will succeed. What Foley does, I will do all the time, and when you put me down, I'll have the last laugh. Just you wait and see.

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