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MEMORANDUM Date: September 12, 2001 To: Mark Teller, Salesman From: Robina Mustafa, Supervisor Subject: Sales Performance It has been a great pleasure to have you as a salesman at Pembroke. Your fine grasp of sales principles, extensive reading in the professional sales journals, and your marketing knowledge is greatly admired.

However, some problems have risen concerning sales. In this memo, I would like to discuss problems regarding your territory, make recommendations and set up meeting times to discuss the updates on improvements.

I have noted the following problems: 1. As I have personally looked at the sales report on June 3 and July 7, 2001, I have noticed that sales declining in your territory.

2. One August 7, 2001 I spoke with Mr. Goren, and he said that you have a hard time giving him the information he needs. In addition to this, Mr. Goren also made remarks regarding changes in your quotes and prices from day to day.

3. As I reviewed your files on August 21, 2001 I have found many problems in your transactions because of your carelessness and negligence in making notations, reporting, and entering quotes.

4. Our valuable customer Ms. Kimball has complained on August 24, 2001 saying, "I feel business is business, and there is a limit to horsing around. Teller could get his calls done here in fifteen minutes if he knew what he was doing. He wastes his time and ours."� Mr. Teller, I offer you the following recommendations, which can be helpful to resolve the problems I have discussed above: 1. Your sales should be 20% higher because of a boom in industrial and retail business firms.

2. I would like you to be prepared and give information when Mr. Goren asks for it.

3. Be careful in your transactions while...

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