Medea Staging Paper (Title) - This is a staging paper for the play Medea writen by me.

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Beat 1 (Lines 662 to 712)

Literal: Medea is listening to what has happened to Aegeus and explaining her situation.

Essential: Trying to seek advice from a far off friend.

'As If': It's 'as if' I am explaining to a friend and enlisting their help in getting back at my ex-girlfriend, who dumped me, but who happens to be his parent's friend's daughter.

Beat 2 (Lines 713 to 758)

Literal: Medea is trying to secure a place in Athens with Aegeus by offering him children that he needs.

Essential: Trying to bargain with a friend for mutual gain.

'As If': It's 'as if' I want to go to party to try to save my relationship with a girl that I really love, but my mom will not let me go, so I offer to spend an entire day talking with her and not shutting her out as much anymore.

The reason that the excerpt is divided into two beats at line 713, is because that is the point that Medea realizes she can manipulate Aegeus by offering to give him children.

She moves from a begging weak Medea, to her stronger Medea. She finally has a leg to stand on and we can see the cunning she processes. Instead of having new news that one of the actors finds out Medea realizes something instead and it serves the same purpose. The two beats represent the different sides of Medea in the excerpt and that is why I decided to divide the excerpt into two different beats.

Through Line: Medea is trying to secure a home or some security, for after she gets her revenge, any way that she can.

Beat 1 (Lines 662 to 712)

Objective: Medea's objective is to listen to Aegeus and to try to get him...

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