What It Means To Be An American

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What It Means To Be An American Being an American to me, means that I am free to do what I want that is within the boundaries of our laws. It means that I may dress as I want, not as other people want me to. We can go to baseball games, enjoy a good movie in the sanctuary of our homes, or just spend some quality time with the family. It is because we have this freedom, that we must constantly be alert to maintain it. There are many "ups" and "downs" to being an American.

The "ups" to being an American, are that we have the liberty to do what we want, live the way we want to live, and make our own decisions. We have the freedom to sit in the comfort of our homes and relax in peace. We also have the freedom to choose what jobs we want to work at and get paid for.

While people in other countries do not have that choice, and don't get paid for it. We have the choice as to who want to marry, or what our professions will be when we get older. We have the choice to get fine medical aid when needed. We also have the freedom to travel throughout the world. There are also some "downs" to being an American. We are hated by many countries because of our countries prosperity and freedom. We are also portrayed as trying to be the world's policemen. Other countries resent, what they feel is our arrogant attitude towards them. Also if a country has a crisis, we are the first ones they turn to.

In conclusion, I feel that being an American is a wonderful feeling. Even though there are some negative feelings toward Americans, try to focus on the positive ones. So with that, I am happy to say that I am proud to be an American and God bless the good old U.S.

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