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The internet of today would prove to be an intregal piece in the evolution to the world of the matrix. The transfer of information, instant messaging and search engines are elements of the internet, which would allow such an evolution.

Today, most people access the internet via hard lines. In the movie, the crew accessed the matrix via a hard line. To communicate with tank the crew used cell phones which is similar to instant messaging. They also aquired information through the lines, for example when Morphius asked Tank for a blue print to the building when they were setup and when Trinity needed to learn how to operate the helicopter. Tank had to search for this information via his connection just as we search for information on the internet using search engines.

The matrix is a complex computer program, a neural interactive simulation used to mask the truth. The matrix evolved through artificial intelligence, which spawned a race of machines.

The machines depended on solar power, humans blocked the sun to weaken the machines, however the machines found an alternative energy source, humans. Humans were now batteries, fuel to the machines. The matrix was built to keep the human race under control, blind them from the truth. They were living in a dream world. Asleep, serving as a source of energy to the machines, mere batteries. The estimated time the world of the matrix takes place is about 2199 A.D on the planet earth.

The main character of the movie is a computer programmer named Thomas Anderson, other wise known by his hacking alias Neo. The character of Neo was unsure of "reality"�, he felt strangeness, and he was driven to find the answer to the question, what is the matrix? Neo is a non-believer or doubter as...

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