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Reaction, Mary Ellen Mark This lady shows that she has very strong feelings for each subject of work that she does, but I almost feel it's an obsessive compulsive behavior. Maybe I don't understand everything about some of the work with photographing people, but she seems to over the line. She has been taking pictures of people for a very long time.

I am not sure if I could ever appreciate the work she does if she does not tell me about it. If I just picked a photo from her work I would not think that she spent 6 weeks going to different bars every night to get that photo. The whole idea of being that crazy about her work doesn't appeal to me.

When she spent that really long time at the mental hospital it seemed a bit weird, but she talked about how people have a tough time accepting reality she is right.

Some people do have a tough time accepting things. She defiantly shows some pictures with some gross sights that are real, but I don't understand why I need to see them. I accept that parts of this world are very cruel areas, but I value and appreciate what I have probably not as much as some other people.

I give her credit for sticking up for herself and how she wants her own book on her terms, but a lot of people don't see like she does. The pictures don't have the meaning to me as they do to her. She probably doesn't care if the book does well or not, but the publishers do in that I see it in my opinion. The publishers care more about making money than making a statement most of the time, but that's just my thoughts on it.

Mary Ellen Mark is a lady that has some very strong convictions on her work that I have a tough time seeing and feeling what she is trying to show.