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Marriage Marriage is another point in the human life cycle, with is one of the most difficult transitions in the cycle. This point is often overlooked because getting married is viewed as a joyful occasion.

Reasons For Marriage 1.Emotional Support 2. Commitment to a permanent relationship 3. Primaries -Coming first with one other person 4. Sexual Exclusivity 5. Procreation and childrearing Religions And Marriage Rituals The ritual associated with getting married varies from society to society, but each has its roots in the traditions and customs of the past.

Some rituals may be quite simple; some may involve hundreds of people and feasts lasting for several days.

All wedding rituals usually have two things in common: A ceremony held in public with witnesses, and legal requirements that must be fulfilled The wedding may be preformed by an person who had the legal qualifications to do so, such as a judge or an official, and no religious involvement is required unless the couple desires it.

The Wedding Our word "wedding" derives from the Anglo-Saxon "wed". The "wed" was the price paid by the groom for the bride or, more commonly, the security placed by the family of the groom with the family of the bride when they were betrothed by agreement between the families. Thus, the "wedding" became the ceremony of the pledging of the troth of the bride to the groom and the posting of the "wed".

The wedding day is a solemn occasion but is also one of many moods: anticipation, awe, wonder, gaiety, gratitude and nostalgia.

Today, weddings are a gathering of the clans. A time of joyousness and love. A time of stock-taking for the elders, with the realization that time passes and the cycle renews itself. A time of excitement for the youngsters.

The setting of the wedding becomes all important, for the way your wedding looks and how it is conducted becomes the outward and visible sign of your inward happiness and grace.

Above all, it is a time of great outpouring of love, both by the principals and those surrounding them.

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