Mark is 16 and has lived with Bryon since he

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Mark is 16 and has lived with Bryon since he was 9 and his parents killed each other. Bryon and Mark go to the bar/pool hall owned by Charlie a friend of Bryon's and try to hustle some people at pool but find no one to hustle. They meet up with M&M and go to the bowling alley it's a long way so Mark offers to hot wire a car, but Bryon says no because Mark is still on probation for the last car he stole. M&M decided to leave the bowling alley before the others. M&M noticed that 3 guys are following him and it was Curly Shepherd and his friends. They begin to try to start a fight then Mark and Bryon jump in and beat up the three boys. Mark takes money from one of the boys to pay their bill at Charlie's. The next day they hitched a ride to the hospital were Bryon's mother was recuperating from major surgery.

While there his mom asked them to go see Mike, a kid across the hall who had been beaten up and had no visitors. Mark went but Bryon went to the snack shop where he was waited on by Cathy who was M&M's sister. Cathy reconized Bryon but Bryon didn't recognize her until after they had talked for awhile.

Bryon left the shop and went upstairs to Mikes room, Mike told him that Mark had left but had said for him to wait for him. While they waited Mike told Bryon why he had gotten beaten up. He had rescued a black girl and had taken her home, she was crying when they arrived and her friends thought he had hurt her, they drug him out of the car and beat him after she said to. Mike told Bryon he was not mad at her or her friends, he understood why. Mark arrived and he and Bryon left, Mark told Bryon he though Mike was stupid. Bryon tried to get a job with Charlie at the bar but Charlie said that things were to tight to hire anyone, but Charlie did let him borrow his car to take Cathy to the dance. Mark went along with themwhen they got there he sat with all the other boys without dates. He sat down next to a young man named Ponyboy Curtis. Angela, Bryon's old girlfriend tried to get Ponyboy to dance with her but he would not. This made her mad so she told a friend to beat up Ponyboy. Mark tried to stop the other boy, but got beaten up and had to be taken to the hospital. Bryon visits Mark and he tells him why his parents killed each other over the fact that Mark's father was not his natural father. Bryon visits his mother again and sees Cathy while he is at the hospital.

Mark gets better and he and Bryon go to the pool hall and hustle a couple of Texans. This made them angry. Later Mark and Bryon leave the pool hall to find that those Texans were hiding in the alley waiting for them with a gun Charlie comes out with a shotgun and gets shot and dies later. The cops give Bryon and Mark Charlie's stuff. Mark and Bryon begin to grow further apart Mark blames Cathy for this and they do not get along well.M&M runs away from home. Mark and Bryon Find Angela Bryon and Angela get drunk but Mark dose not. Then Mark decides to cut off all her hair for what she did to Ponyboy. Bryon gets a job at the grocery store.Tim and Curly Shepard beat up Bryon for what mark did to Angela, But Bryon does not want Mark to retaliate.

As soon as Bryon got better Mark told him were he could find M&M. When Bryon and Cathy find M&M he is on a bad acid trip and they take him to the hospital. The doctor says he will be alright phisicaly but mentally he would never be the same. When Bryon gets home he finds Marks stash of pills he had been selling and called the cops. They sent him to a reformatory and Bryon wished that he had all the answers again.

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