Manufacturing Of Faulty Products

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Manufacturing of Defective Products In his World War II play All My Sons, Arthur Miller tells the story of the Kellers, a suburban family that faces a huge dilemma when an incident of the past arises, and tears the family apart. Joe Keller, the father, had allowed twenty-one cracked cylinder heads to be sold to the United States Air Force for their P-40 fighter planes. These planes crashed in flight because of the defects on the cylinder heads, and killed twenty-one pilots. Keller then blamed the sale of the products on his neighbor, who was then sent to jail. The distribution of faulty products has been a problem with major consequences in business today. As American culture places vast emphasis on money and possessions, it seems that people will do almost anything to get their hands on a piece of the "American Dream". The consequence of a company releasing a product that does not work correctly affects the company, its employees, and the consumer.

There have been numerous accounts of people being hurt or even killed by faulty products who then turn around and file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Manufacturers have an ethical obligation to make reliable and safe products, and the effects of releasing a faulty product can be very severe to both the manufacturer and consumer.

A product can be considered defective if it does not perform its proper function correctly and efficiently, or if it causes harm to any person or anything that comes in contact with it. Many states have come up with their own products liability statutes; however, there are no federal products liability laws. According to the Legal Law Institute, products liability refers to the responsibility of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by...

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