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· The Meaning, Scope and Methods of Managerial Economics.

· Economics Concepts relevant to Business, Demand and Supply, Production, Distribution, Consumption and Consumption Function, Cost, Price Competition, Monopoly, Profit, Optimisation, margin and Average, Elasticity, Macro and Micro Analysis.

· Demand Analysis and Business Forecasting, Market Structures, Factors influencing Demand, Elasticity's and Demand levels. Demand Analysis for various Products and Situations, Determinants of Demands, Durable and Non-durable goods, Long run and Short run Demand, Derived and Autonomous Demand, Industry and Firm Demand.

· Cost and Production Analysis Cost Concepts, Short term and Long term, Cost output Relationship, Cost of Multiple Products, Economies of Scale production Functions, Cost Control, Cost and profit Forecasting, break even Analysis.

· Market Analysis, Competition, Kinds of Competitive Situations, Oligopoly and Monopoly, Measuring Concentration of Economic Power.

· Pricing Decisions, Policies and Practices, Pricing and output Decisions under Perfect and Imperfect Competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly Pricing Methods, Product-line Pricing, Specific Pricing Problem, Price Dissemination, Price Forecasting.

· Profit Management, Role of Profit in the Economy, Nature and Measurement of Profit, Profit Policies, Policies on Profit Maximisation, Profit and Control, Profit Planning and Control.

· Capital Budgeting, Demand for Capital, Supply of Capital, Capital Rationing, Cost of Capital, Appraising of Profitability of a Project, Risk and Uncertainty, Economics and Probability Analysis.

· Macro Economics and Business, Business Cycle and Business Policies, Economic Indication, Forecasting for Business, Input - Output Analysis.

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