What Makes a Good Citizen

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What Makes a Good Citizen

What makes a good citizen? A good citizen upholds the norms in a stable society by being honest, friendly and hard-working. He does not create a mess and occasionally picks up after those who do. He keeps his neighbors satisfied with his kind and caring attitude and well-kept garden. A citizen is labeled as good when he has proven his capability to thrive in a place where stability and consistency is required.

Politically, a good citizen does his duty by voting on a constant basis and keeping up with government changes. A good citizen accepts the government and his country, but an ideal citizen is supportive.

Protesters, such as those on our government building's lawns, do not fully support the position the US has taken and make themselves appear almost unpatriotic. They should support their country in peace or war. The vast majority of citizens living here are good; therefore, if the war were so wrong, a vast and overpowering amount of the nation's people would overthrow the idea.

A few measly protesters don't have a great effect on the outcome of the war and should be discouraged. Send them to the front. The protesters should support the troops into ending the war sooner, not pulling the troops out suddenly to end the war abruptly.

Good citizens support their country in peace and war. To support the war means to take sides with one's nation, to vocally share one's opinions, to attempt to convert those that don't believe in it, and to be able to wholly see both sides and still believe in their country. The troops in Iraq wouldn't mind caring letters and packages, and if you want to be a great citizen, spend a little time preparing nice thoughts for them.

Supporting your...

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