What makes the film a good one?

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Up to now, there have been lots of films, which are made for effecting people. Directors aimed to make films, which make people smitten. Of course, these efforts gave birth of competition in the movie sector. Therefore, film companies and directors act fastidious while making a film. They have started to examine their film deeply, choose its applications carefully. And as a result of this situation the quality of the films have increased. However, an argument has remained among film companies, directors and spectators. "What makes the film a good one?" Nowadays, lots of high-class films was made and watched but nobody can exactly agree in this question. So I try to answer this question by examining a film, which is named Gattacca and its factors that formed film afflux such as music, casting, and scenario...

First of all, i want to start with the summary of the film.

Gathacca is about a young man's life, which is full of complication and success. The film was started with the birth of Vincent who is the main character of the film. He was born with some heart disease and doctors claimed that he has averagely 30 years to live. In addition to this he must be careful during his whole life because of his heart. He could not play and act freely like other children. He and his parents must pay attention on his movements for his life. Owing to this reason that Vincent probably lives short, his parents decided to have a brother to Vincent but they did not want any problems about him. Thus, they ordered him from doctors. Later Vincent attained his brother, named Anton. He was not like Vincent; he was the marvel of the new technology and doctors. Thus, Vincent cannot get used to...

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