How to Make Banana Pudding

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Banana Pudding is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed year round. It can be appropriate to serve at any event ranging from a picnic at the park to a five-course dinner. A banana pudding is very simple to make.

Before beginning, I check at make certain I have all the necessary ingredients available. The ingredients consist of vanilla wafers, bananas, milk, vanilla pudding, and whip cream. The amounts of each used will vary depending on the number of people being served. No particular brand is required. Store brands are more economical than name brands, and do not necessarily sacrifice flavor.

First, cut up about three bananas in round pieces. Here again, I say three but it really depends on the size of the banana pudding. When purchasing the bananas, the best ones to choose are the ones that are yellow and firm without brown spots.

Then, start the process of layering the banana pudding.

One layer of vanilla wafers forms the base of the banana pudding. I prefer to place my wafers with the flat side up. Then place a layer of bananas on top of the wafers. Continue this process until the desired amount of wafers and bananas have been used. On the top layer I choose to place my vanilla wafers flat side down.

Next, combine one large box of pudding mix with the three cups of cold milk. Be certain your layers are completed before mixing your pudding due to stiffening of mix when left sitting over a period of time. The amount of milk depends on the amount of pudding being used. The rule to this is for every small box of pudding mix, use one cup of milk. Mix the pudding until it is completely smooth. Pour the pudding evenly over the bananas...

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