What are the major and minor harms for self tattooing??

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What are the major and minor harms for self tattooing?? What makes tattooing so bad that it is illegal until your 18?? People ask some interesting questions. As for the age requirements, it's like drinking, driveling a car, or anything else with an age restriction attached to it! A point I've always argued on this, there are 14 year olds today that have much better judgment that 21 year olds! Age doesn't automatically indicate maturity by no means! For the tattoos, you need to give some LONG AND SERIOUS thought to this! You figure you're going to print something on your body that will be there until you die!! WHAT could appeal to you right now that will have that kind of staying power?? As for SELF-TATTOOING...I'd strongly urge anyone to avoid this procedure! There is just way too much chance of infection-wait to have a perfessional tattoo artist apply one.

Body piercing...Why/WHERE would someone want to pierce themselves?? I personally don't have any percings, but I have always found them interesting! I've yet to figure why a woman would want a hole poked thru her nipple OR the lips of her vagina!! The nose doesn't look very appealing either. But, who am I to judge? I don't personally have/want any, but I do support the legal age aspect of it.

Really, people don't got to look like your ideal Christian to actually be one. For instance, I got my nose pierced, I where really baggy clothes or very small clothes, but I'm still Christian.

I wear baggy clothes (occasionally small clothes) and all do fit around the waist etc... don't plan on piercing anything though.. point is its not in the way u dress or look...it how u act..

Do u actually live for Christ and do as he did or just say u is Christian.. that's the difference...

Exactly...I wear baggy jeans and have spiky hair, etc. too...(plan on getting a tat soon too) but I live for Christ.

I do have to ask though about tats and piercing because wouldn't u consider that as "destroying"/hurting your body.. and in the Bible I believe it was Peter talks against doing things of that sort...

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