The main character is Fran Benedetto. She is a nurse

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The main character is Fran Benedetto. She is a nurse in Brooklyn, New York. She appears to be a nice person and a dreamer. The second main character is her husband Bobby Benedetto. He is a cop who beats, rapes, and tries to kill her.

The setting of this book is in Brooklyn, New York and Florida. I think in the late 1900's because there's is a paragraph in the book about a caller ID machine.

This story stars off with Fran describing her husband. How he would hit her and then he will say sorry and treat her nice the next day, how when they were dating he was good to her but then he would hit her, how she would have to keep her screams inside so her son, Robert, wouldn't hear her. Then, one day her son came home after school to see her with a black eye and her collarbone broken she decides its time to leave.

This time it's wasn't an accident. She contact Patty Bancrofit, this lady help her escape him. She provided her with a new place to live, new job, and a new job in other words everything to start over in Florida with Robert. There they are doing good, making friends, and making memories for a year. Then, Bobby finds them because Robert called and he takes him and leaves her unconscious. Her son's couch marries her and has a baby girl. In the mean while she hire a private detective to look for her son when Bobby took Robert. She never finds her son. She thinks Robert tries to contact her through collect calls and weird phone calls.

This book message was for the reader to understand why women stay in an abusive environment. This book is about the journey without her abusive husband. I would recommend this book to a friend because it exciting and unpredictable.

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