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How does Robert Westall bring his characters and events to life in "˜The Machine Gunners'? Robert Westall brings his characters and events to life in the "˜The Machine Gunners' by using descriptive and dramatic language. He uses short paragraphs. Westall would also leave a cliff-hanger in almost every chapter. He also has used characters similar to our age so we can understand them and know what they're talking about. He also uses similes quite often throughout the novel. Westall would first say what the character is thinking then what is actually happening in the story.

The author describes everything with much detail which makes you read further: "˜The flies rose and buzzed. Inside the goggle was a deep red hole full of what looked like"¦ Chas dropped and was violently sick against a little door marked Nicht Anfassen' pg 16 The author did not simply say that the Germans eye was damaged instead he describes it as a red hole full of what looked like; the gravel is fine; the figure is "˜huge' and "˜menacing.'

pg 66 Robert Westall uses very descriptive language in this paragraph. For instance Chas is said to be "˜wildly' fighting which suggests that he is in a very angry mood. He says "˜full of murder' which show that he is in such a rage he is ready to murder.

The author uses many similes throughout the novel to describe the action vividly making the scenario far more interesting to the readers.

"˜It hit the side of Boddser's head with a sound like a splitting pumpkin' pg 66 Boddser's head is compared to a pumpkin. You can almost imagine a splitting pumpkin. By saying this he tries to make you imagine Boddser's head splitting.

You can almost imagine the boy's "˜laugh like...

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