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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i can help on mice of men.

first off there is 2 characters, lenny and george.

Lenny is a slow mental man and he is led by george the smarter little man. The beggining of the book starts out with them running from these men trying to kill them is cause lenny just wanted to touch this ladies red dress and she thought he was trying to rape her so she said he tried and the men were after him, they hid in a irrigation ditch and moved at night to another town which i forget the name. Then they find this spot where they camped before they went to find another job. at the spot was a stream and george told lenny if anything at all happened to go to this spot and he will meet him there. then they go to the new plantation and get a job doing stuff with hay and then they introduce hella characters, one is curly and he is a bitch ass and thinks he is tough when later in the story he gets delt with by lenny, then curly has a fiance that is beautiful and lennys big thing through the story is he wants to have his own farm with rabbits on it and some other stuff.

and then he is in this shed and she walks in and is somewhat manipulating him mentally and he doesnt know since he is handicaped mentally.. so then he touches her hair and he is like this is soft and she flips out and starts screamin he tries to keep her quiet and ended up breaking her neck and hiding her in the hay. then lenny runs away and they find out shes dead and put 2 and 2 together and they hunt for him and then george knows where he is goes back to the spot tells lenny (since he was there) to think of the farm and look away and then george shoots him in the back of the head.

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