How Lyndon Johnson's life before presidency affected his presidential career?

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Lyndon Johnson's Political Affects

Lyndon Johnson was raised in Johnson City, Texas where he had lived in a house with his mother, Rebekah Johnson, his father, Sam Johnson, and his four siblings. Growing up in a home with many people and being in the middle lower class would soon create many affects on the political career of our 36th President of the United States.

There were many affects on Johnson's political career but his father's affect on his political career is the most important. Sam Johnson was a state legislator for twelve years and he was a popular participant in the Democratic Party and many campaigns. During these campaigns and many activities Johnson was right by his side. At the age of ten, Lyndon Johnson, was on the campaign working alongside his father. Also at the age of thirteen, Lyndon Johnson was with his father during the legislative sessions.

Many years of being involved with his father gave him the skills and all the "political tricks" needed to become an incredible politician in the future.

During his childhood years at home with his mother he would sit down and listen to the political issues that she would teach the neighborhood children. All of Rebekah's talks on oratory and debating techniques helped Lyndon to become a great influence on the ones that he taught about those matters. These also came into tie with the two main people that inspired him with greatness, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, where he was taught that judgments shouldn't be based on first impressions and that the power given to him should be used for the good of the public.

The last and most important affect on Johnson's political career was that he was raised in a lower middle class family with not much, like...

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