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Introduction Since Lucent Technologies was spun off from AT&T in 1996, it has grown to be a leader in various market segments relating to the communications equipment and software industry. Looking at the company's history, it is easy to see that the roots for success were planted long before it became the twenty-second largest corporation in the world (Hoovers Online). However, looking at the current situation of the company is what we do in business. Also we will look at the company's marketing strategies, financial condition, management techniques, and the information systems that allow Lucent to conduct its daily activities.

History Bell Labs was stared in 1925 as the research and development arm of AT&T and Western Electric. Bell Labs had a long list of accomplishments, including the invention of the transistor and touch-tone phone service before being included with the Lucent spin off in 1996. AT&T came to the decision to jettison the systems and technology business in order to focus more on its communications services.

The 1996 initial public offering for the new company raised $3 billion making it the largest IPO in history at that time. Lucent became completely independent from AT&T on September 30, 1996 when AT&T gave as a dividend the remaining Lucent shares it held to AT&T shareholders. AT&T director Henry Schacht was chosen to head the new company. Later, Richard A. McGinn would be named chairman and CEO of this new and dominate company. It only took two years for Lucent's market value to surpass that of its parent company. Once Lucent was freed from AT&T it began an aggressive expansion plan that included more than forty acquisitions. Lucent is headquartered in Murray Hills New Jersey but has over 150,000 employees in 90 different locations throughout the globe. Lucent is one of the...