Love Does Not Count Deeds

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Love doesn't count deeds Play in three acts Persons: Daniel Angelica Devil Angel Act One (Daniel and Angelica are in the garden under a flowering cherry tree, everywhere is silence and peace, the twittering of small birds, light breeze playing with her dark hair make the atmosphere so calm and comfortable) Daniel: (looks at Angelica and sees tears in her eyes) What's happening, my dear? Why are you watering? Who hurt you? I will… (Daniel touches his sword…) Angelica: (looks at Daniel and falls into his arms) Oh, my dear, you know about our love, you know that we live for each other, you know that our fates are joined together a we cannot exist without each other. Oh, my dear, my life without you is nothing. I would rather throw myself into (swoop) an abyss than to live without you, my dear.

Daniel: (looks at her, wipes her tears and smiles at her) We will be always together and nobody can separate us.

Angelica: My parents told me that the king came and wants me. But I don't want him, I cannot give him my love, I will kill me than to live with him. But you know our king he always gets what he wants to get. He doesn't mind hurting the others, you know his heart from stone. He likes my body and the only thing he wants… (she can't continue speaking and started crying) Daniel: (holds her securely in his arms) Don't worry, my dear, my love I want allow him to smear your beauty I will fight until the last drop of blood will pulse in my veins. I will even give my life to save before this barbarian king.

Angelica: (stops crying and looks into Daniel's eyes) That's what I was afraid of. I...

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