Love And Loyalty InThe Lay Of The Nightingale

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Love and Loyalty Laüstic, and adventure which involves knights and took place in the medieval times. Two important things were: to be loyal to your husband and to find your true love.

In this times the knights were famous, in this story there is two knights that made the St. Malo region famous, because of the fin qualities of the two men the town had a good reputation. One of the knights had taken a wise, courtly and elegant wife, with an admirable propriety. The story focus on the other knight, the young one, he was known, well known by the peers for his prowess and great valor. He loved his neighbor's wife, and so many qualities did he possess that she loved him above all things, because she knew how good he was "He performed honorable deeds gladly and attended many tournaments, spending freely and giving generously whatever he had"�(Marie de France) and because he lived close by.

This woman was really loyal, it was a value that in those times, it was really valuable. She was loyal to her husband in some ways, she lived with him, sleep, eat, etc. with him, but on the most important thing on a marriage she wasn't loyal, on love. "They love each other prudently and well, concealing their love carefully to ensure that they were not seen, disturbed or suspected."�(Marie de France) She was loyal to the knight, the man she loved. She did something wrong, that's for sure, she was a two men woman, so something had to go wrong, specially if you're married with someone, even if you don't love him with all your heart, you have to remain loyal to him, on the other hand if you're going to spend the rest of your life, your happy and sad moments with someone, that someone has to be special, has to be the person you really love, so she cant miss the opportunity. In this story one night after seeing each other for some time at night when the moon was shining and her husband was asleep. But so frequently she stand and leave her bed that her husband became angry and asked her why she got up and where she went. She started to lie so she wasn't 100% loyal to her husband. She told him she went to hear the song of the nightingale, so he sent some servants to capture the bird, when they had taken the bird, the handed over the lord. He went in to the lady's chamber and told her that he had trapped the nightingale, and told her that now she could sleep in peace, and kill the bird.

Because of the lie she never saw her true love and she had to stay with his husband for ever.

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