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Hero of the Day Good vs. bad. There is always struggle for your life. Death being the true villain in a horror flick instead of the psycho killer, or the ugly monster. We are not afraid of the guy behind the mask, nor are we afraid of the person who lurks in the dark shadow, haunting you. The only thing that sends the big-breasted girl into the "wrong" room of the house is death. Why something as joyous so down played to be something bad? In the Japanese religion, taking your life into your own hands is held in the highest regards. What makes frightened? In the study of psychology there is a term this kind of behavior: it is called learned helplessness. It's where at a young age you watch cartoons and someone is fighting to stay alive or to keep their village safe. That is when the brain washing comes in.

There is where the young, developing, adolescent child's mind is growing. And, therefore, making the child fears of death and the after life.

Horror films could be a good form of therapy as well. How many times have you felt like taking another's life in your own hands? Would you feel better if that person did not exist ever? How about making the other person feeling the same torture like you have built up? Well, instead of actually doing the deed, purchasing a movie ticket to see the latest scream can fulfill that fantasy. Watching someone do what you have always wanted to do could either fuel your fire or distinguish it. Everyone has to let loose every once and a while. Role-play that action figure that you have always dreamed about, even though you are in your late forties. You are always living up to societies standards. Live like you want to live.

I believe that horror films are so over rated and not even scary if you look at the whole picture. If it were not for the horrible piano in the background you would not be jumpy. I also believe scary movies educates you. It teaches you what you do not see at the low class societies in the world, whom all they know is to survive by exterminating each other.

As the years pass, your love for intense adrenaline does not come as quick as it used to. You loose that will to get on the front of the roller coaster and scream on top of your lungs. What happened to those days when you wanted to go to a bar just to pick a fight? Or how about driving down the interstate and racing others? How many fifty year olds say they still do that? Movies have to reach out to those adolescent young adults. To brain wash that developing mind.

I am a firm believer that death is not a scary thing. Everyone has to go through with it once in there life. It's just a matter if you are prepared for the after life. This is why I think the entertainment has already gone to hell in the world.

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