The Lost Boy

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Title: The Lost Boy (Based on a true story) Author: Dave Pelzer No. of Pages: 340 Major Characters: "¢ Dave Pelzer "“ A young boy who grows up in a home with a terribly abusive mother. He is incredibly skinny due to malnutrition, he wears rags for clothes, and his personal hygiene is appalling because he rarely has the privilege to bathe. He desires love from a family who is eager to care for him, and he desperately searches for that throughout his adolescent years as he moves from one foster home to another in order to escape his wicked mother. His strong-will is constantly evident, even in the most difficult situations that he faces.

"¢ Dave's Mom "“ Dave's brutal alcoholic mother who has a cold heart and no sense of love or affection anywhere in her being. Her character is despised by the reader because of her unmerciful and heartless nature.

She relentlessly puts Dave through torturous punishments and cruel games that seriously harm him physically and emotionally, yet bring her twisted pleasure.

"¢ Ms. Gold: A kindhearted social worker who rescues Dave and guides him as he searches for a foster home that can care for him. She is Dave's cornerstone who stands by his side in the most difficult times and protects him from the mother.

Major literary devices and examples: "¢ Setting: The setting of the story takes place during the middle years of Dave's childhood in a small town.

"¢ Tone: The tone of the book is overly depressing. It brings tears to the reader's eyes when Pelzer tells of his violent and lonely past, yet brings hope as he tells of his future.

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