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In the movie ; The Lord of the Rings, there are several different ways evil is shown. This movie revolves around good and evil and J.R.R Tolkien, the author, shows that very well. Evil is something that is bad or a curse of some sort. Through the enemies and battles, evil is shown throughout the entire movie.

The main character, Frodo Baggins, deals with evil throughout the movie. He is the holder of the ring, which puts a lot of pressure on him because the ring holds many evils itself. Frodo is having a hard time fighting off the evil of the ring because so many people want it, and its possession has a lot of value. Frodo's decision about what to do with the ring and his battles to keep the ring away from his enemies, Sauron, who had first controlled the ring. Sauron and the Orcs would love for nothing more then to get the ring back and control the Middle Earth.

Froto's uncle, Bilbo, also portrays evil throughout the movie. Bilbo was the first one to offer a delivery of the ring to Mordor, as Gimli, Legolas, Boromir, and others argued on who should be the one to take the ring. Bilbo stood up to evil in that he would of fared many obstacles in taking the ring to Mordor. In the end he passed the ring to Frodo, and he takes the task of delivering the ring to Mordor in Rivendell.

Throughout the movie during Froto's and the others battles and obstacles, Gandalf was there for them. Gandalf is a wizard that helps Froto on his way to fighting evil. He is a mentor of some sort, and took everyone under his wing being a leader. He portrays evil in stepping up and...

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