Looking Through the Windows: PC vs. Mac

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Looking Through the Windows...

At my last job I was a Sales Coordinator. My duties were to analyze and document sales trends, send vigorous memos via email, and assist the Sales Manager. When needed, I would update the company's website and create informational marketing documents to mail or fax out to our customers. Also, when a staff member was absent on any day, another duty of mine was to check their emails and voicemail boxes for any important messages.

One morning, as I am read through my emails in Microsoft Outlook, the Sales Manager called me through the phone intercom. She informed me that Jennifer, our new Marketing Director, would not be in the office. Afterwards, I walked over to Jennifer's desk to start up her brand new Macintosh computer to check her emails. The screen lit up, and showed several icons on the right side of the screen. I looked for the icon that said, "Outlook."

I didn't see that any of the icons have that particular title. I started to double-click on all the icons hoping to open some kind of email program. I became frustrated. Then, after recalling recent computer classes that I took in school, I came to the conclusion that Macintosh computers didn't use Microsoft Outlook or any other Microsoft programs. At that moment, I had no idea how to check email on a Macintosh computer. I then decided that a PC was, definitely, easier to use than a Mac. However, I felt I needed to learn more about the Mac in order to be sure about my decision.

In a recent online testimonial, Technology Specialist, Bruce Glazer asks his readers, "Why is Windows much more prevalent in the world today?" Bruce refers to the PC by its operating system, Windows. Bruce, claiming to be...

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