The Longest Evening Of The Year

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Kyaw Kyaw Aung ENGL 110 SAT 9:00 TO 12:15 THE LONGEST EVENING OF THE YEAR ¡§Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening¡¨ and ¡§Desert Places¡¨ both written by the Robert Frost, use a love of nature as their setting. ¡§Stopping by Woods¡¨ was written after War World I, where as ¡§Desert Places¡¨ was written during the great depression. Regradless of the era of these poems, they inspire me in various ways. Frost uses different points of view, meaning, and rhyme in the two poems. ¡§Stopping by Wood¡¨ expresses positive feelings and ¡§Desert Places¡¨ expresses negative feelings. Both poems describe the setting so the readers feel present at the scene. Both poems have two categories of evidence; the self-consciously imposed human point of view and nature¡¦s point of view. Both poems talk about loneliness, the beauty of nature, and the mystery of the poem.

The two poems touch on different aspects of loneliness.

For example, in ¡§Stopping by Wood¡¨ Frost talks about being in the woods with just his horse. Frost states ¡§My little horse must think it queer¡¨ remind me of the everyday man and his life back home. This evokes an even lonelier scene. ¡§To stop without a farmhouse near-Between the woods and frozen lake¡¨ also show the loneliness. No one around him except the woods and the frozen lake. When I picture this, it seems he must have been so lonely that he even hates his life. The writer tells us ¡§The darkest evening of the year¡¨ it must be some time in December and in the winter at a similar scene as in ¡§Desert Places¡¨. Frost states ¡§Snow falling and night falling fast and fast¡¨ is the same time that happened in ¡§Stopped by Woods¡¨ reminds me of the shortest day of the year...

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