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The location that I found for Clare's health food shop is 7-9 Mill Road and the premises is located in Ballyclare. It will attract lots of passing trade because it is prominently positioned at the bottom of Main Street in Ballyclare and has extensive frontage onto Mill Road. These premises are available to rent costing £3,975 per month. These premises are ideal for Claire for the simple reason that Claire is only starting out in Business, so renting is a better idea because it is a lot cheaper than actually buying the premises.

The size of the shop is relatively big, but not to big for Claire's Health Food Shop. A health food shop would work well on these premises and because of the size of these premises Claire will have the ability to introduce a greater and wider range of products into the health food shop which will ensure consumer satisfaction and increased sales because of the range Claire is able to cater more for her customers needs.

In second floor of the premises there is a two bedroom apartment, which Claire could use as consultation rooms for her customers, and talk to her customers on a one to one basis and try to discover what treatment would be best for the customer. This I believe would bring more customers to Claire's health food shop from far and wide because the customers are able to talk to Claire about their needs and problems in a relaxed environment. The premises also has four store rooms that would really benefit Claire in the running of her health food shop because, as Claire has the store rooms in her shop, she can by her products from the supplier in bulk which could mean purchasing the products cheaper for Claire and make her more profit. Also the store rooms will benefit the consumers because Claire will always have back up stock which means that if a product a customer is looking for cant be found in the store, Claire will have supplies of the product in the store.

It has all the necessary equipment required under the health and safety act such as a wash hand basin which has hot and cold water. Previously the premises has been used as a shop so the premises already has substantial facilities such as shelving, a burglar alarm, a shutter, so the premises has good security and all these facilities will be of relevance to Claire, so there will be less cost involved in actually setting up the health food shop because the premises is already well equipped. A negative factor evolving these premises is that there is no actual car park. However the premises has exclusive access to Mill Road, so cars can park on the pavement of the shop which would attract customers driving by the shop in their cars to come into the shop because of the easy access parking facilities.

All the information that I have collected for Claire from my map, information form, Property News website and The Country Estates Estate Agents have all been relevant because they all gave me an insight of where the location for the shop should be, how much money Claire should be willing to pay for premises and what type of premises would suit the concept of a health food shop and I believe that all the above factors have been found in the premises 7-9 Mill Road, Ballyclare.

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