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A Little Princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett A French Lesson In order to make her father proud, Sara Crewe behaves with perfect manners and hard work in school.

The characters in the story include seven year old Sara Crewe, her classmates, her maid Mariette, Miss Minchin, and the French teacher MonsieurDufarge. This story takes place in London, England, in a boarding school called Miss Minchin Select Seminary for Young Ladies. A French Lesson is about Sara's times in the boarding school that her father put her in. Sara has to deal with a teacher that is jealous that Sara knows French. No matter how polite and good Sara is, Miss Minchin dislikes her even more. This story ends by showing that Miss Minchin is just a bitter lady.

Pollyanna By Eleanor H. Porter Pollyanna and Punishments Pollyanna, a bright and joyful girl, always finds something to be happy about. The characters she affects with her happy character include Aunt Polly, Joel Hartley, Timothy, and Old Tim.

The story takes place in Aunt Polly's house. It is about a girl named Pollyanna who visited her Aunt Polly and had to sleep in a hot attic. One night, Pollyanna was so hot that she went on the roof and slept in the cool night air. Aunt Polly didn't realize that Pollyanna was on the roof and thought it was a burglar. She went upstairs and found Pollyanna, and punished her by making her sleep with her in her bed. The story ends when Pollyanna tells Aunt Polly that this punishment is really a reward.

Little House in The Big Woods By Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas For Mary, Laura and Baby Carrie, things get exciting and joyful during Christmas. Deep in the woods of Wisconsin, a log cabin, Mary, Laura, Baby Carrie, and...

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