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A Little Cloud In the short story A Little Cloud, it has been eight long years since two great friends have departed in their own separate ways and now finally come to meet. All grown up, Little Chandler comes to meet with his long time friend Gallagher. Chandler is known as "Little Chandler" because he was slightly under the average stature, which gave one the idea of being a little man. "The friend whom he had know under a shabby and necessitous guise had become a brilliant figure on the London Press." Little Chandler being very excited, goes to meet Gallagher at an expensive restaurant called Corless's, where he has never been before, but often fantasized about.

Little Chandler feels out of place due to the different surroundings of the bar at Corless's, but Gallagher soon puts him at ease with his stories about the world's great cities. They discuss some of their old friends, and they also discuss Little Chandler's recent marriage.

Little Chandler tries to convince Gallagher to spend the evening at his home with his family, but Gallagher has other plans to a little card-party with one of his friends he brought over with him, and says he is leaving Dublin the next night. Suddenly after a few shots of whisky, Chandler begins to feel somewhat envious of his friend, and he starts to act a bit weird, insisting that Gallagher will marry soon and change his ways. Gallagher then says he will marry only if she has "a good fat account at the bank" or she won't do for him. After tossing his drink back and finishing it, he says he's in no hurry and that they can wait. He imagines being tied to one woman would be stale.

Little Chandler goes home and feels...

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