Little American Hero

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Little American Hero

Authors have used American heroes through literature to spread their ideas to society. In the novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain a 12 year old boy puts the American in American hero. Huck Finn possesses the three main characteristics of an American hero. Huck is brave, ingenious, and loyal. These qualities help Huck through his adventures through a series of spectacular events.

Huck is very brave for being just 12 years of age. He shows his bravery in many instances. One of his bravest moments though is in chapter 9 "The house of death floats by." A house is floating by down the river. Huck and Jim board to see if they could get supplies. Boarding a floating house is dangerous and brave. "Another night when we was up at the head of the island, just before daylight, here comes a frame-house down, on the west side.

She was a two-story, and tilted over considerable. We paddled out and got aboard-climb in at an up-stairs window." His second bravest moment was in chapter 13 "Honest Loot from the "Walter Scott."." Jim being scared was ready to go but Huck kept his head showed bravery and pressed on looking for the thieves' boat to escape. "Jim said he didn't believe he could go any father-so scared he hadn't hardly any strength left, he said. But I said, come one, if we get left on this wreck were are in a fix, sure." Two instances where Huck shows bravery but being brave aren't all that makes an American hero. American heroes are also ingenious.

Ingenuity is another quality that Huck has. He has many great ideas through out the novel. He is quick on his feet and can...

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