Listening to a Monster

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Listening to a Monster

"Hit songs on Top 40 are often repeated over 100 times per week. Is that all you want to hear?"

-Korn, "Y'all want a single?"

The music industry doesn't care about you. What they care about is their money and how they get it. Whether they sue people, sue independent artists, sue their own artists, or just plain sell music, they must get their money. The Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA is guilty of deliberately reducing the variety of music, price gouging, and they don't care about their consumers. The RIAA should be boycotted.

The RIAA likes to keep face. It must, because if it looks ugly to the consumer, there won't be any music purchased from them. They want no one to know that there are only about 4 new songs added to the radio playlists each week(Moss 8). They want no one to know that they use the "Sue `Em All" tactics on the consumers to defeat piracy.

They want no one to know most of their artists only make about $4000 each year (Albini 9).

A heavy metal group called Korn has recently produced a video entitled "Y'all want a single?". It contains plenty of swearing, but that's not the real issue. The real issue is that it opens people's eyes to the facts. Korn enters a record store and begins trashing it, while deploring the concept of singles. It makes plenty of statements, such as ""Music Monopoly?," followed by "One corporation owns the 5 major video channels in the U.S." and the question "Is that OK?""(Moss 6). The RIAA wanted them to change the video. They didn't (Moss 1). This video wasn't aired on MTV, and it got them removed from the RIAA, as well as a new home in...

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