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Life would be a boring journey without a good dose of friendship to color your world. Think of the vivid memories they present us having been part of our lives. They are strength when we are weak, happiness when we are sad, companions when we are lonely, and most of all, they are love. Friends are the support system of life; what keeps the world going. Without them, life would become ever so boring and mundane. We probably learn more from the friends that come and go throughout our lives than we do while in the classroom. The interchange of cultures, traditions, beliefs, and family values helps us develop and strengthen our character. Friends make us strong by loving and caring about us. They challenge us to face the reality of who we really are.

Next to family, friends are the most important people in our lives. In our most extreme situations, we think of them as an actual lifeline; a support system that we cannot live without! Think of all the endless hours we spend with them…together on the phone, at the mall, going to the movies and ballgames, spending nights, going on vacations and playing sports.

Let's face it; we probably spend more time with our friends than we do with our families! We tend to dress alike, behave alike, sound alike, and participate in activities we wouldn't otherwise be a part of if it weren't for our friends. Therefore, they do take part in making us who we are as individuals. We feed off one another in turn, forming our personalities. Sometimes I think we even forget who we really are because we do become each other.

I have found that there are times you hate your friends as much as you love them. I really feel out of whack when this happens. How could this person I depend on, respect, confide in and love, turn on me? How dare they! That is when you start thinking there is something seriously wrong with you for having them as a friend. How could you ever have trusted them? How could you have let down your guard to confide in them your most personal, deep, dark secrets? They told someone about the new guy you are currently crazy about and now somehow the whole school knows about it! How could they have done that to you after having been your best friend? That's when you wonder what friendship is really all about and is it really worth the trouble! Of course, we all know friends are worth the headache. Where would we be without them? [No matter how angry you become, no matter how frustratingly tiresome that story becomes as they repeat it a sixth time, they are still your friend. No matter how many times they wear that same pair of tired plaid pants you can't stand or wear their hair pulled straight back in a tight pony (which is so unattractive in your opinion), you know deep in your heart, in your inner soul that they are so important to you that life wouldn't be as meaningful without them.] You know you can pleasantly tell them, "Oh yeah, you've already told me about that," and smile. Or you can diplomatically tell them that plaid pants and tight ponies went out a long time ago…or better yet, you could not care what they wear or how they look and only be thankful they are in your life because they bring you warmth and sunshine. Yes, I may have to remind myself that those brilliant, crimson red, plaid trousers radiate an immense amount of embarrassment when we are out together, but then again, who really cares! So overall, just like Bette Midler sings, "You got to have friends"! Can you imagine how lost we would be without them? I dare to think about it. I can't fathom the idea of an existence without several "lifelines"; buoys that sustain, moorings that steadfastly keep us tuned into reality, that anchor us to what we love and who we are. "A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out." How better could it have been said; because in my opinion, that says it all!

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