Lies In The Skies

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Lies in the Skies In 1969, when the United States claimed and broadcasted on television that they landed man on the Moon they lied. The spacecraft entered space however, it never made it to the Moon. The United States was involved in a race to the Moon with the Soviet Union and felt it was necessary to win no matter what had to be done. With ample evidence and the confessions told by some workers and astronauts who were involved in the NASA program, it is clearly evident that the United States never landed spacecraft nor man on the surface of the Moon.

President John F. Kennedy shocked most people when in 1961 he explained to the world that America will land a man on the Moon before the decade was out. His statement was most shocking to many of the employees who worked in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It surprised them because they were assigned this task, which was called Project Apollo, and NASA was only two years old and had not gathered much information on space exploration nor the Moon since organizing in 1958. In 1961, Robert Gilruth, who was the Director of Space Task Group at NASA during Project Apollo said, "Flying man to the Moon requires an enormous advance in the science of flight in a very short time. We need a breakthrough in reliability and new methods of staging and handling. Voyaging in space over such vast distances is still a dream" (Ertel and Ivan 64). Over the next eleven years, NASA spent 25.4 billion dollars in attempting to make Project Apollo real.

Many individuals believe that American astronauts have been walking the Moon since 1969. There is however, and appalling amount of evidence that proves this to be a fib.

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