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4513 Manhattan College Pkwy Riverdale, NY 10471-4098 March 27, 2002 To Whom It May Concern: Recently, I received a Summons for drinking alcohol on the subway. I calmly and admittedly stepped off the train and accepted a summons in February. However, the police officer that was confronting me asked me how many summonses have I received prior to this one. I said "none" because I know for a fact that this was my first. In response, he thought I was lying to him and told me I really have two. I felt very upset and embarrassed because I remember my past history very well, I do not get into a lot of trouble, and it looked like I was lying. He replied the next summons can result in jail.

My concern is, I know for a fact that I have only received one summons in my lifetime. I called the Adjudication Bureau and they said I received my first of two summonses on July 6, 1999 for smoking at 2:30 p.m.

I was told the address was 627 West Minster Road, Brooklyn NY, 11230. This event DID NOT occur for me, nor do I live in Brooklyn or have been in Brooklyn my whole life. I do not even smoke any type of substance.

I was wondering, what can be done about this. I am a student at Manhattan College and do not look for trouble. I am extremely upset about this and hope it can be cleared up.

Please do your best to follow up on this case and get back to me. Thank you.

Sincerely, Mike McFat

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