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As inspiring student and corporate leaders, you have the responsibility to take the words of humanity's greatest writers, leaders and thinkers to heart and live and act by those words every day; in your home, in your studies, and in your corporate establishments. As inspiring undergraduate leaders, you need to be aware that the concept of new leadership is only half of the equation "" only half of the advantage. The other half is education and the influence of role models seated with you tonight. One of the central and traditional purposes of higher education is the preparation of the undergraduate's for positions in leadership. This purpose remains an essential component of the Bachelor of Business Administration Department at OUC jointly with the business community.

Tonight I explore with you three essential topics about the evolution of leadership. First being the new concept of leadership, second, the change of the four "˜C's of leadership and third, the changes taking place in organizations.

Leadership has become the "IN"� word of the 21st Century. At the same time, the reinvention of organizations continues to call for new, less hierarchical management styles with increasing employee empowerment. We are now at a new threshold of downsizing business environments. If leadership is going to be different in the new century, what will it look like and what changes in the organization are required to bring it about? Last year I was fortunate to attend the world Leadership Conference via satellite, which exhibited international business leaders who expressed their thoughts of and experiences in the business world. The main focus of this seminar was to communicate with fellow professionals the need and desire for new methods of leadership. I ask you, is this new leadership just a figment of management gurus' imaginations dreamed up to...

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