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A Critique By Stewart M. Whobrey Abstract The Penguin History of Latin America written by Edwin Williamson, This book is a chronological and topical study of the history of Latin America. The Study begins with the finding of the continent and subjugation of the indigenous inhabitants by the Europeans.

This began with the discovery of Hispaniola and Cuba which led to the discovery of the Central America, Mexico, Peru, Middle America, and Southern parts of Latin America. The book entails historical details relating to the native Indians of the Continent, Iberian Peninsula and surrounding Islands.

The book conveys details of the first encounters of Europeans and the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas, and other Indian people. This brought to the inhabitants the first vestiges of Christianity, which was to change the Indians forever. The history and details continue from the sixteenth century, to the gain of Independence for each state, and the mired political turmoil internal and external unique to each, into the twentieth century.

Book Organization Overall Composition The book includes three Parts with chapters of surprising stories some terrific and some ghastly of continent, and island history and is arranged in chronological order. Selective chapters are organized with regional chronicles of their discovery and conquest to the Dependency, Revolution, Nationalism, Dictatorship, Literary and Cultural Developments.

The chapters relate many details and events and processes with noteworthy consequences that have made a foremost impact to the past and present world. Such as those made by the Author, " When we saw all those cities and villages built in the water, and other great towns on dry land, and that straight and level causeway leading to Mexico, we were astounded. These great towns and cues (temples) and buildings rising from the water, all made of stone, seemed like an enchanted vision from...

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