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Aim: Perform an experiment to determine the latent heat of fusion for milk.

Materials: Calorimeter

Celsius Thermometer

Platform balance


Milk ice cubes


Hot Water

Procedure: The copper cup was weighed and its mass was then recorded. The kettle was then used to boil water and this water was poured into the copper cup. The mass of the cup plus the hot water was calculated and recorded. The copper cup was then placed in the insulated container. The water's temperature was then recorded. The temperature of the milk ice was then recorded. The ice cub was then placed in the water. The thermometer was inserted and the temperature was taken at ten second intervals. This was done for two hundred seconds to allow the final temperature to be reached. The cup was removed from the insulated container and placed on the platform balance.

This procedure was repeated twice more to get data for a total of three trials.

Analysis: From the concept of thermal equilibrium the latent heat of fusion for milk was calculated from the data obtained from the experiment.

Q(lost) = Q(gained)

Q(gained) = Q(milk ice + milk) = mc(ice)∆T + mLf + mc(milk)∆T

Q(lost) = Q(water + cup) = m(cup)c(copper)∆T + m(water)c(water)∆T

(Working shown on following page)

From the latent heat of fusion calculated from the experiment it was observed that the avg. of the experiments produced an Lf of approximately 3.0X10^5J/kg. Following the comparison of the calculated Lf from the experiment with the actual value Lf of milk, which is 2.8X10^5j/kg, it is found that the data from the experiment is relatively accurate.

Therefore, it can be concluded that there are little to no inconsistencies with the data that was gathered from the experiment. The largest percentage error out of the three experiments was approximately...

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