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Last Chance I am a twenty four year old, hardworking, single male, focused on what I want in life. I have a friend that told me about Job Corps and what it was about. I was told that young men and young women, sixteen - twenty four years old, can receive their GED, certified training in a career field, go to the Army, or go to college. I went to go get some information, read it, thought about it, then went and signed up. I signed up in July of 1999 and entered the program on September 28, 1999.

The way I got to college was not by graduating from high school. I started to have second thoughts and was skeptical about going into this program, which was after I applied. I had talked to my older sister and she made me realize that this was my last chance in making a better life for myself.

Once I had arrived on center and started meeting different people from different places, all of my second thoughts became no thoughts at all.

At first, I was not interested in a trade; I just wanted to get my GED and leave. I had met and talked with some of the staff there, getting to know them. I allowed them to talk me into staying and do the trade training. I had to go through a series of different classes before I could take the actual GED test. I received a mammoth amount of accolades while in the program. The trade I wanted to take was business & clerical, that trade was full, so I wound up in cement masonry. I received my GED in December of 1999 and completed the cement masonry trade in May of 2000.

After finishing all that I had to do, it was then time for me to exit the program, but I refused to leave until I had received training in the trade that I wanted and they get my paper work ready for me to come to college. After making my proposal to the key staff and them seeing it my way, they gave me what I wanted. I was accepted into the business & clerical trade in December of 2000. I started getting my paper work for college ready and completed the business & clerical trade in May 2001.

When I received the letter telling me that I was accepted, I was elated because I thought that I would not get accepted. That started a new path for me to receive more knowledge and training. I know that I can get an excellent job with good pay and good benefits just because of the experience that I have. I plan on making this experience joyful and perpetual. That is how I made it to college.

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