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Las Vegas The most amazing trip I ever had was to Las Vegas. I have visited many different countries in the world, but none compare to a city which is in middle of nowhere. who would make such a amazing place in the middle of a desert. Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular tourist city for people who love to see the worlds best in one place.

In the summer I took a trip to Las Vegas with my family. I was not very excited at first, because I thought that most things in Las Vegas were for old people, people who have money and want to loose it all just for fun. My distant cousin who is also the same age as I am had told me that there is a lot to do in Vegas for people our age too, but I was not believing anything that he said.

We arrived in Vegas airport and my cousin was there to pick us up and take us to our hotel. When we arrived in Vegas was about seven at night. We got on the highway and started going toward the strip, where all the hotels are. It was totally amazing seeing over a million lights from far away, blinking and glittering. We arrived at the Venetian, our hotel. We walked inside the hotel and a blue sky was right above our heads. The painting of a blue sky with a few clouds in it, was amazing and there was no way knowing that it was night outside.

Inside our hotel there was of course a huge casino, a big shopping mall, all kinds of restaurants, and many gift shops. The hotel was like a city itself. We got settled at our hotel and all of us went our separate...

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