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The Holocaust was a very devastating and crucial time for the Jews. By the end of the holocaust, six million Jews were dead (Wisoder). They were either burned alive, hanged, or starved to death. The Germans felt that the Jews could not live up to their standards because of their religion and race. On the other hand, Oskar Schindler made a significant impact on the lives of the Jews.

Oskar Schindler, a German, was born in Zwittaw, Austria-Hungary, which is now Morovia. He grew up with all the privileges that money could buy. Later on in his life, around the age of nineteen he married a young German woman named Emilie Schindler (Encyclopedia). He always had a mistress or two on the side. Schindler was a hard drinker and was a big time gambler. He took charge of his family's business and became a salesman when opportunity came at the beginning of the war.

After Poland was invaded by Germany in 1939, Oskar Schindler moved to the polish city of Krakow, where he continued his business.

Schindler took the first chance he could to get into the black market and soon made companions with the Gestapo bigwigs, loosening them up with women, money, and illegal booze. His new companions helped him get a factory, which he ran on his own. Schindler used Jews in his factory because he new that they were cheap labor. Soon Schindler started noticing how bad the 2 Nazis were treating the Jews, and how fastidious they were and he grew disgusted. Sometimes Schindler found out beforehand about the Nazis plans to terrorize the Jews so he started passing warnings to the Jewish leaders.

In the beginning Schindler would treat his workers badly. Schindler started a branch camp for nine hundred Jewish workers from his...

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