Lake Street On Sunday

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Lake Street on Sunday Sometimes I walk down Lake Street. Even though I know I could just hop on the 21 bus that passes me, spraying winter sludge every 10 minutes and get there faster, sometimes I simply prefer to walk. And NOT because I'm looking to make some money, as so many men inquire.

"No, no that's ok"¦ yes, I'm sure!" I walk to observe, sometimes with my camera as a tool, for taking pictures, but also for meeting people.

"Excuse me, could I take your picture for a project I'm doing?" "HELL NO!" "No, no, it's just for me, for fun. It won't be printed anywhere." "Girl, don't come near me with that camera!" A bystander tells me it's because he's doing illegal business and he thinks I'm with the police.

"Little girl, could I take your picture?" "Are you with the newspaper? Am I gonna be famous? Ooooooh yeah! Take my picture! And my little sister too"¦ ok, now with both of us together.

WE'RE GONNA BE FA-MOUS! WE'RE GONNA BE FA-MOUS!!" Often, people approach me, and sometimes, they don't even try to get me to sell my body of buy crack.

A man around Nicollet: "You see, I'm homeless, and since it's against the law to panhandle, I offer my services to people in hopes that they will give me some money to buy my next meal. I write poetry and sing songs, and if you would like, I could sing you a song or recite a poem." "Well, I do have one dollar that I was going to use for bus fare, and I can give it to you and just keep walking, that is, if you could help me as well. I'm taking pictures for a project. If you would let me take a picture of you, I would love to hear one of your poems." "That sounds fair. Would you like a poem of gospel or love?" "Love, please." And he flows for a good couple minutes"¦ "Our bodies, like electricity, currents rushing through, rushing through, rushing through"¦ Then I took his picture and we talked like friends, and slowly wandered our separate ways

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